Learning & Teaching

‘Students develop understanding about the role of language and culture in communication. Their reflections on language use and language learning are applied in other learning contexts.

Learning languages broadens students’ horizons about the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that are available in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. The interdependence of countries and communities requires people to negotiate experiences and meanings across languages and cultures.’

Ref Victorian Curriculum

Our Holy Redeemer has a specialist Mandarin teacher who teaches each class on a weekly basis. Each year we celebrate our learning with a cultural day.

Students are engaged by immersion in a range of texts including multimedia and visual texts, such as websites, films, stories and songs. Technology is integrated with the use of iPad language apps which enrich the program that is being delivered. Students have opportunities to showcase their language learning through performing at assemblies.

In 2018 we celebrated Chinese Culture through games, craft, food,  music and dance