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G.A.T.E.WAYS aims to cater for children who would benefit from being further challenged in their learning.
Programs are delivered at a faster pace than in the regular classroom, and are pitched around two years ahead of chronological age. A range of programs are offered that focus on higher order thinking that both challenges and engages students.

Chess Club

Chess Club is available for students in both junior and senior classes. It is held weekly at lunchtime. Chess is an engaging activity that helps develop students’ critical thinking skills such as problem solving, decision making and lateral thinking.


Debating is an excellent opportunity for students to develop speaking skills and the ability to express themselves verbally in front of a group. The senior students hold debates during each term following the Victorian Debating Association protocols. The students build confidence in public speaking as well as logical and critical thinking skills through their participation. Debating also builds the persuasive speaking skills of all students which are valuable life communication skills for school and beyond.

Previously, Our Holy Redeemer hosted an inter school debating competition for the Debaters Association of Victoria.

Public Speaking

In the 21st Century, being an effective communicator is essential. At Our Holy Redeemer students have extensive practice in speaking in front of large groups both in the classroom and at assemblies.

Our Holy Redeemer promotes public speaking and holds a whole school speech competition each year as well as participating in the local Rotary Speech Competition which was won by our students on a number of occasions.

Instrumental Music Lessons

Our Holy Redeemer offers Piano lessons during the school day with a qualified music teacher. Students also have the opportunity to learn Guitar in a small group during lunchtime each week.

International Competition and Assessment for Schools ( ICAS)

The International Competition and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. Students have the opportunity to enter these tests in a number of learning areas:

Digital Technologies,






Each student receives:

An engaging and challenging full-colour test booklet.

An individual diagnostic report containing detailed diagnostic data highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement.

Information about individual progress over time.

Access to online results which can be viewed, analysed and downloaded

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