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The end product of Catholic education is not the perfectly socialised pupil, but a pupil who is able to inquire into everything and everyone positively and with an open mind, inspired by a profound sense of humanity and by a connection with old and new stories which can open alternative worlds and which grant the future a utopian orientation (i.e. the promised land, kingdom of God)

Pollefeyt & Moyaert, 2004

Our curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum for Victorian Schools (Victorian Curriculum F-10),  which provides an approach to learning from Prep to Year Ten for all Victorian schools from  2017. This curriculum outlines what is important for students to learn and develop during their time at school. It is are designed to encourage a deep understanding of essential knowledge, skills and behaviours. The Victorian Curriculum F-10 is used to plan student learning, assess student progress and report to parents. An important understanding that underpins this curriculum is that learning is developmental – that teachers plan learning experiences that target what students are ready to learn next so that they can keep moving on their learning journey.

This diagram explains the components of the Victorian Curriculum F-10:

Contemporary Learning at Our Holy Redeemer

Learning at Our Holy Redeemer is rigorous and relevant, providing opportunities that lead students to explore concepts and question important ideas that lead to innovation, creation and the application of new knowledge. Learning how to learn and developing the capacity to manage themselves as learners provides students with necessary skills to navigate an ever changing world. Learners are supported by explicit and scaffolded teaching to engage fully in deep and powerful learning.

Success criteria is communicated to students and reflection and articulation of learning are essential elements for learning. Learning is structured to cater for all learning types and includes whole-class, group and individual activities designed to develop inquiring minds and the learning skills needed for life. Contemporary learning strategies encourage students to become self-motivated and independent thinkers.