Our School

“Catholic schools nurture students’ faith and lead them to deepen their relationship with God through prayer and celebration, their growing knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and Catholic Tradition, and action in the world for peace and justice.

Our goal is to enhance our Catholic identity, so that all may recognise God’s presence permeating every Catholic school. We do this by strengthening the integration of faith, life and culture, inviting students to discover God’s presence in their daily lives and engaging them in a dialogue between their life experiences and Catholic teaching.

In this way they may grow in understanding of themselves and their world in light of the Gospel and be empowered to take responsibility for themselves and for creating a just society.

Further, our goal is to build communities of faith and hope, where we are all inspired by the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and imbued with the Holy Spirit, and work together for the benefit of each member of the school.”

Ref. Catholic Education Melbourne


At Our Holy Redeemer the Religious Education Program aims to integrate many aspects of school, parish and family life in a context of faith. A framework of learning has been developed for each level with a learning focus that broadly outlines the dimensions of religious learning and the key practices and beliefs students need to engage with. The text, ‘To Know Worship and Love’ complements the lessons developed. This program is used throughout Catholic schools in Melbourne and develops an awareness of the presence of God through prayer, liturgy and Gospel stories.

Liturgy and Prayer

Once each term a class is involved in planning and participating in a weekday parish Mass. There are also regular whole school Masses throughout the year for special days and occasions in the Liturgical calendar. The seasons of Lent and Advent are also celebrated as a whole school through prayer and liturgy.

Each week a class leads the school assembly in prayer to begin the week. Prayer is an important way that we begin and finish each day in the classroom.

Sacramental Programs

The school actively supports the parish Sacramental program with students in Year 3 invited to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Year 4 the Sacrament of First Eucharist and the Year 6 students the Sacrament of Confirmation. This preparation process includes a Family Faith Night, a Commitment Mass and a retreat day where the students are off site and are lead through a process that connects students to a deeper understanding of their sacramental journey.

Social Justice

The school is committed to providing students with opportunities to live out the Gospel values in action through a commitment to social justice. This includes acting in solidarity with those less fortunate than themselves through awareness building and fundraising. We have established strong links with Caritas Australia and the St Vincent de Paul Society.

In 2015-2016 the students from Our Holy Redeemer Year 6 Social Justice Team attended the Bahay Tuluyan Philippines Conference. The students participated in engaging and interactive workshops that encouraged them to consider the complex reality of extreme poverty and positive actions that bring about change.

In August 2016, our Year 6 Social Justice Team was one of two schools who were invited by Caritas Australia to attend  the World Humanitarian Day address by the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop MP held at the State Library of Victoria.

Each year the Year 6 Social Justice team leads the school in raising awareness of social justice issues and work to achieve positive outcomes in raising funds for a specific humanitarian cause.