Our School
Welcome to Our Holy Redeemer School

We are very proud of the long tradition of our school, which celebrated its centenary in 2004.

Our school community comprises 171 students located in 9 well-resourced classrooms. At Our Holy Redeemer we provide programs which cater for the spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional development of all students. The parents and staff work together to develop a curriculum with an emphasis on providing every child with the skills necessary to become life-long learners. Our results in Literacy and Mathematics remain consistently above the state average. Our staff are dedicated to providing both a rich and balanced curriculum and support to our parents who are the first educators of their children, particularly in the ways of faith.

At Our Holy Redeemer we lay the foundations for the future by providing our children with many opportunities in which to Grow, Learn and Succeed. Our Catholic school provides a stimulating and enriching education based on our faith in the teachings of Christ’s Gospel. The ethos and curriculum of Our Holy Redeemer invites and supports students to discover God’s presence in their daily lives. Wherever appropriate, learning is presented using an Inquiry approach to Teaching and Learning. This means students are involved in rich learning tasks using open-ended activities. A rich task may include a range of subject areas that are layered simultaneously. Our Holy Redeemer’s integrated curriculum is both relevant and authentic to the lives of the children. All teaching and learning is purposeful. Our approach encourages children to be confident in challenging themselves to learn by drawing on a range of tools and strategies that are empowering. We place great importance on Religious Education, Literacy, and Numeracy, and incorporate technology skills into our balanced Inquiry-based curriculum. Involvement with the local community provides opportunities for students to see learning in context and beyond the classroom. More recently we have introduced G-Suite across the school to provide further opportunities for students to be able to apply 21st Century web skills to collaborate and innovate. Our specialist subject areas across all year levels comprise: Physical Education; Science; Performing Arts and LOTE (Mandarin). Our students in years 5&6 also participate in the Interschool Sports Program.

At Our Holy Redeemer the staff work collaboratively with our wonderful parent community to provide the resources, environment and opportunities that enable our students to flourish.

We invite you to find out more by contacting the school office to arrange for a personal tour of the school with the Principal.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Frank Dame