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At Our Holy Redeemer, parental involvement and participation is warmly invited and actively encouraged. You can participate in a variety of ways such as joining the Education Board or Parents and Friends Association, assisting with working bees, the tuck shop, excursions, Food Bank, volunteering in the classrooms as parent helpers, becoming a class coordinator, supporting the biennial fete, attending parent information sessions, and simply by staying up to date with school news and events.

 It is through parental involvement that we truly build the strong sense of community at Our Holy Redeemer.

Just speak to your classroom teacher – or our Principal to find out more!

Parents & Friends

Parents play a vital role in our partnership between home and school. The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) supports and enhances this relationship through providing opportunities for social interaction and inviting participation in a variety of activities that add value to the life of our community.

Time spent in classrooms, assisting with sports days and other school events are invaluable ways of supporting the education of our students as well as offering them an example of true participation in the life of a community. We have an active and positive community of parents who add to the vitality of life at our school.

The PFA meet every four weeks during the school calendar year, and meetings are open to all parents. You do not have to have an assigned role to attend any of the PFA monthly meetings. Please come along to find out whats happening around your child/ren’s school! The PFA communicates information to the school community via email, in the weekly school newsletter and in printed material sent home in children’s communications pouches.

The Our Holy Redeemer PFA organises the Social and Fundraising Events for particular needs in the school

The PFA is responsible  for school festivals, trivia nights, mother & fathers day events, class dinners, movie nights, Oaks day ladies luncheon, golf days, OHR family weekend away, and many other social events.

At Our Holy Redeemer we value the work and great support we receive from the members of our school community. We thank you for contributing to our great community spirit.

2020 PFA Roles:

President: Ged Barnett

Oversees the running of the Parents and Friends Association and chairs each monthly meeting. The president is called upon to make decisions in the best interest of the school and the PFA. The President fosters community spirit and is a welcoming approachable presence at the school. The president works closely with the Vice President in a hands on way to ensure all fundraising and social event requirements are met.

 Vice President (Fundraising & Social): Sarah Dwyer & Cam Jackson

Organises and coordinates with the President and Principal, all fundraising activities for the year. Leads the PFA with individual event coordinators for all social events and activities.  Co-ordinates funding allocations via the Funding Expenditure Policy.

 Secretary: James Squire

Attends each monthly meeting and keeps minutes of the resolutions and proceedings of each meeting and then distributes them to office bearers, committee members and those who regularly attend meetings as well as those who request minutes.  Keeps a record of attendees and apologies for each meeting. The secretary is also responsible for all outgoing correspondence.

 Treasurer: Spiro Vouzas

Collects and receives all moneys due to the PFA and makes all payments authorised by the PFA. Keeps correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the PFA with details of all receipts and expenditure connected with activities and events.  Prepares a report for each monthly meeting as well as the Annual General  Meeting.

 School Education Board Reps: Belinda Magee

Attends PFA meetings and School Education board meetings: Ensures that both the PFA and the School Education Board are aware of the relevant discussion & decisions facing each committee and reports to each committee on significant issues.

 Working Bee Coordinator: Luke Torpey & Justin Bolger

Coordinates and organises the school working bees. Delegates and oversees the work requested to be done by the Principal and School Office Manager. Coordinates refreshments and food to be shared by families on the day.

Class Rep Coordinator: Cindy Saunderson & Lisa Cuteri  

Fosters community spirit amongst the school families by encouraging involvement and participation in the day-to-day life of the school. Coordinates the recruitment of two or three class reps for each grade. Oversees the activities of the class reps such as – year level social events, staff birthdays, Grandparent & Special Friends day, Mothers & Fathers day stalls, First Communion, Confirmation and Grade 6 Graduation. Provides support, information and a list of contacts for new families.

Food Bank Coordinator: Rebecca Capello 

The OHR Foodbank is a roster of parents who are willing to be called upon to provide a meal for school families during a time of need (e.g following the birth of a baby or during a time of illness or bereavement).  The coordinator organises meal  rosters and acts as a trusted & confidential contact

Tuck shop Coordinator:  Sinead Howard

Oversees the smooth running of the tuck shop and its helpers. Prepares rosters at the beginning of each term and tuck shop price lists. Ensures fridges and pantries are fully stocked and maintained.  Carries out regular cleaning of the tuck shop and reports to council inspector as required.The OHR tuck shop is always looking for volunteers to help each Wednesday from  10.30am. There is no food preparation, very little clean up and the time required is only about  50  minutes. Preschoolers are very welcome. If you would like to volunteer please contact Sinead through the school office

E-communications and Website Coordinator: Amber Sowden 

Distributes all PFA correspondence to the parent community on behalf of the Class Rep coordinators and liaises with the school to manage and update the PFA section of the school website.

General Committee Members: Mandy Dominello, Sam Apostolakis, Kate McIntosh, Kate Sekias and Amanda Lui 

General Committee members may be a present or past parents whose children attended the school. General Committee members attend meetings to help both Fundraising and Social Vice Presidents to coordinate activities as required.

Education Board

The Parish School Education Board (PSEB)  meets approximately eight times per year. The Board brings together the Parish Priest, Principal, parents, teachers and the parish community in a spirit of cooperation to serve and meet the needs of our children both now and for future generations.  Members of the Board generally serve a two-year term.

 The role of the Parish School Education Board is to:

  • Support and advise the Principal and Parish Priest
  • Be mindful that we are at the service of others
  • Represent parent voice
  • Create an environment for all where there is growth and success
  • Communicate vision and purpose to parents, school, parish and community
  • Promote and protect the school’s reputation in the community
  • Create our own positive messages throughout the community
  • Be a link between parish and school
  • Promote the Catholic ethos of the school and faith formation of our students
Working Bee's

Working Bees are a cost effective and essential means to maintaining aesthetic school grounds that afford a safe and welcoming environment for our children, parents and visitors. There are four Working Bees scheduled throughout the year and we encourage each family to attend at least one of these events.  The Working Bees are overseen by our two parent coordinators  to address the upkeep of the school grounds and minor maintenance matters. 

Working Bees provide the opportunity to connect with other families, and the children always have a great time helping out and playing with one another in the school grounds.  The Working Bees are a social affair that always conclude with a sausage sizzle.

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